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Why Microdermabrasion Is Right For You...

The gentle way to a younger complexion

The Diamond Peel Experience

The Diamond Peel:  Safe and Effective
In the quest for youthful, vibrant skin, men and women share a common desire: to look their best, regardless of age. Traditional options, ranging from chemical and laser techniques to drug therapies may not be right for you. Perhaps they are inconvenient, invasive, or just too expensive. Diamond Peel technology, however, can easily bring you closer to healthier, younger-looking skin.

The Diamond Peel

Progressive Skin Care: Integrated Technology
The Diamond Peel is the integrated option for modern skin care. It complements most treatment programs without interference, providing a gentle, yet effective, mechanical peeling of the skin called microdermabrasion.
The Diamond Peel is fast and virtually pain-free. It leaves little or no redness. It can help to minimize the most difficult skin conditions, or to rejuvenate and maintain the health of the skin. Treatments take less than an hour and should not interrupt your busy schedule.

Notice The Improvement





Fine Lines





How The Diamond Peel System Works
Microdermabrasion is derived from an age-old treatment called dermabrasion.  The new Diamond Peel system, however, is modern and uses a gentler approach.  It features a patented dual control system and adjustable applicator head that delivers a steady, effective stream of fine crystals directly onto the skin.  The old surface is removed, leaving it smooth, fresh and rejuvenated.

Ten Ways The Diamond Peel
Will Help You Look Great

  • Good Skin Tone

  • Even Skin Color

  • Refined Skin Pores

  • Fewer Breakouts

  • More Youthful Neck

  • Softer Skin
  • Healthy Glow
  • Younger Appearance
  • Renewed Elasticity
  • Happy Smile

Smooth Skin Surface Is The Key
The Diamond Peel treatment erases epidermal layers at varying depths in a safe, controlled manner.  This approach respects the integrity of skin and promotes even healing.  Maintaining level cellular growth on the surface aids in the youthfulness of the skin's appearance

On average, we renew our skin surface every 10 days.  However, with age, poor health, or lack of care, cell renewal may be considerably slower.  Regular Diamond Peels improve many skin conditions and imperfections, to create a healthy, balanced skin surface.

You Can Use The Diamond Peel to Treat:
  • Aging and sun-damaged skin.

  • Some types of acne scarring and acne.

  • Altered pigmentation.

  • Stretch marks.

  • Fine lines.

  • Enlarged and clogged pores

The Diamond Peel and New Cellular Growth:

The Diamond Peel and New Cellular Growth

There are many factors that can influence cellular regeneration and epidermal growth.  For instance, the skin's natural response to excessive sunlight is to become thicker.  This can result in slower shedding and a dry, rough skin.  Acne sufferers, for example, may retain their skin cells, causing further congestion and thickening of the stratum corneum (top skin layer).

Other factors, such as age, genetics, hormone balance, lack of minerals, and inadequate diet, all influence epidermal cellular turnover and the production of new, healthy cells.

The Diamond Peel:  Your First Choice

Advanced engineering technology, combined with the collective experience of physicians and international skin care experts, makes the Diamond Peel the most desirable option in microdermabrasion.  A series of treatments achieves the best results, allowing for more effective control and focus on individual skin conditions.

Regular maintenance visits will enhance the long term results. 
If you are already on a medical skin care program, consult your doctor.

The Diamond Peel:  A New Option

It's easy to make the Diamond Peel treatment part of your lifestyle.

  • Treatments are individualized to your needs
  • There is little or no discomfort
  • There is no inconvenience to your busy schedule
  • Results are immediate
  • Treatments are affordable
  • Skin appears rejuvenated
  • Treatments take an average of 30 minutes.

Find out how to integrate the Diamond Peel system into your skin care regimen to help you put your best face forward with confidence.


The Diamond Peel Experience

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